Will NextDNS filter content?

With a default configuration (no blocklist or blacklist enabled), NextDNS does not filter any content, not even malicious ones. You have full control over the level of filtering wanted by tweaking your configurations.

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    • DynamicNotSlow
    • 3 yrs ago
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    A default configuration use NextDNS default filter.


    I only wonder why it shouldn't block malicious domains even without any filter list. For what is the option about blocking malicious stuff then?

      • Amir_Mughal
      • 3 yrs ago
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      I tested ot against some adult content websites and nextdns is deeply flawed in my opinion. While goole safe search will not show links to websites with adult content but if you just type the site url in address bar you can go right in.in my nextbdns account it shows my device is using nextdns dns servers.i am using subscription service.worse part is there is no direct support available.

      • A_drianne
      • 1 yr ago
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      Amir Mughal and when you tested that, what do your logs show..does it say encrypted??