How is NextDNS different from traditional adblockers?

A traditional ad blocker works at the browser level. While it can block more types of ads, it is also limited to the browser and it takes more CPU and battery to do the same thing. NextDNS works a level below, and thus work for all applications running on your devices, like games, etc. Even apps with with no ads sometime have tracking technology that can invade your privacy. Not to mention apps that run malicious operations in your back, like crypominers or trojan horses.

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    • Kambro
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Merci pour cette application que je viens de découvrir. Elle semble fort efficace (du moins sur Mac Safari).

    Deux petites questions :

    1. Y a-t-il moyen de bloquer une image précise comme l’on pouvait le faire autrefois avec un AdGuard ou équivalent ?
    2. Est-il possible de supprimer l’icône dans la barre de menus ? Cela me ferait gagner de la place.

    Je vous remercie d’avance.


    • Yoakim
    • 7 mths ago
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    use it WITH adguard dns options, because it works besides browser ad blocking