Report network latency issue

If you are experiencing some latency issue or non-ideal routing, please use our diagnostic tool to report it. The tool can run on your computer or router. It gathers and submit network measurements that will help us improve our network. You can then use the generated diagnostic link to report your issue on the Help Forum.

Please follow the instruction for your platform below:

MacOS, Linux, *BSD, Linux based routers

Open a terminal, run the following command and follow the instructions:

sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -s https://nextdns.io/diag)"'


  1. Download and run this program.
  2. If you get a virus alert, you can disregard it, see note below.
  3. Follow the instructions

If you find bugs in the tool itself, please log an issues on the Github repository.

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  • 100% packet loss at your site in Chicago. Any thoughts

  • Getting routed through CPH even though I'm in Switzerland. Resulting in very high latency (can for some reason not upload a screenshot) 

    • Elliot Stølegaard please send a diag as described on this page.

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    • NextDNS I can't.  The script won't run because I don't have a rooted device.  

    • Josh Bowen test.nextdns.io returns connection refused.

    • NextDNS it's on my phone so I can't. I can't add an image either, it doesn't work on the website. Will try again later

    • NextDNS 

      "status": "ok",
      "protocol": "DOT",
      "configuration": "fpa4ad3a4b13d66fc0",
      "client": "",
      "destIP": "",
      "anycast": false,
      "server": "anexia-cph-1",
      "clientName": "unknown-dot",
      "deviceName": "Elliots Huawei",
      "deviceID": "4PLBI"

      ■ anexia-cph   61 ms  (anycast2, ultralow1)   zepto-fra    65 ms  (anycast1)   vultr-ams    69 ms   anexia-sto   70 ms   anexia-ams   70 ms   anexia-osl   70 ms   zepto-sto    73 ms   zepto-ams    74 ms   edis-cph     81 ms  (ultralow2)   zepto-prg    90 ms   zepto-osl   204 ms

  • ok

  • Olá Equipe NextDNS, estou tendo problemas com lâtencia no DNS IPV6, no ipv6 estou sendo redirencionado para Rio de Janeiro/RJ (RIO), sendo que era pra ir pra Fortaleza/CE (FOR), onde o ping era pra ser 15ms, no IPV4 a lâtencia está normal faixa de 15ms, era pra ser 15ms no IPV6 igual está no IPV4

    NextDNS Network Diagnostic


  • Could you please take a look at my diagnostics report?

    I'm in Northern Virginia, but constantly connecting to slower servers in Atlanta.



  • Manila:

    Posted: https://nextdns.io/diag/238b4b10-f89c-11eb-85c6-05711ed22d46

    Seems ultra low servers are slower.  Why is that?

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  • @nextdns

    From IP (California), anycast routes to Zurich!

      do-sfo          10 ms  (ultralow1)
      vultr-sjc       11 ms  (anycast1, ultralow2)
      zepto-lax       19 ms
      vultr-lax       19 ms
      anexia-lax      23 ms
      one-pdx         27 ms
      bronto-slc      29 ms
      frantech-las    29 ms
      smarthost-las   36 ms
      tier-pdx        54 ms
      anexia-zrh     157 ms  (anycast2)
  • @nextdns

    From (Iowa, GCP)

      anexia-den      11 ms
      vultr-chi       11 ms
      heficed-chi     12 ms
      incx-dtw        16 ms
      vultr-dal       23 ms
      anexia-dal      23 ms
      smarthost-den   23 ms
      zepto-mci       23 ms  (ultralow2)
      smarthost-mci   24 ms  (ultralow1)
      oplink-hou      24 ms
      vultr-ewr       27 ms  (anycast1)
      anexia-lax      49 ms  (anycast2)
  • Has anyone noticed any improvements being made as a result of these reports?

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  • Hi just wanted to check to see if my setup looks ok. It's setup on my asus ax-11000 with merlin firmware on the nextdns CLI client. When I go to ping.nextdns.io website it doesn't always hit the lowest latency server.


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