iOS devices WiFi fails to work

Just upgraded my routers software (OpenWrt to latest version 19.07.7) and all the iOS devices in the house have lost their internet. They're connected to the router and have an IP but they have no internet. The internet doesn't work until NextDNS is stopped on the router.

I tried turning off the "NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist" and the Apple Native Tracking Protection which are the only blocks I have set up but they still wouldn't connect. They will only work with NextDNS disabled.

I have noted that the same issue has been experienced by at least 2 other people - https://reddit.com/r/nextdns/comments/kqrvce/nextdns_on_openwrt_19075_r112575090152ae3_wifi/

I've not been able to find anything else.

All other devices work (Windows PCs, Amazon Firesticks, Google Nests, Android phone).

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  • did you try to uninstall then reinstall nextdns on the router?

  • I've uninstalled via

    opkg remove nextdns --force-removal-of-dependent-packages

    and reinstalled again via the script, so far all good. Although I'll find out for sure once the children wake up and start moaning about their internet not working.

    This is with the same trackers enabled as before.

  • Spoke too soon. Same problem, starts off OK then eventually drops.

  • Just to note that it was working OK on earlier version of NextDNS (1.3) when I had old OpenWrt installed.

    • James Tombs what is the output of “nextdns config”?

    • Olivier Poitrey 

      # nextdns config
      max-ttl 5s
      hardened-privacy false
      setup-router true
      report-client-info true
      use-hosts true
      auto-activate true
      listen localhost:53
      config XXXXXX
      log-queries false
      cache-max-age 0s
      control /var/run/nextdns.sock
      cache-size 10MB
      detect-captive-portals false
      bogus-priv true
      timeout 5s
    • James Tombs More searching and I managed to track down 2 more posts with identical issues:


      The first one was actually helpful. I uninstalled again, then reinstalled but this time disable caching in the setup. iOS devices have stayed connected and are making queries through NextDNS which they weren't doing before.

      So it looks like there's an issue with latest OpenWrt and NextDNS with caching.

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