NextDNS on OpenWrt 19.07.5 r11257-5090152ae3 - WiFi Clients no Internet

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I have a D-Link DWR-921 C3 LTE Router fully working with supported build of Openwrt.

Followed the forum post for my model on Openwrt (https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/d-link_dwr-921) for install - other than name my WiFi I have made no changes from stock. Everything works perfectly (LTE modem via QMI, WiFi, LAN etc) with full access for LAN and WLAN clients to the Internet via the LTE WAN.

I install the “luci-app-nextdns” and enable it using my Configuration ID from NextDNS, and tick “Report Client Info” and nothing else.

I then wait 30 seconds, and reboot the router.

When it comes back up, the router retains internet connectivity (ie able to “Update Lists” under software) but WLAN clients do not. They connect to the router (shown in DHCP client list) and I can access the LuCI interface of the router fine, but no WAN traffic works. 

^ On iOS devices this shows as connected to the WiFi in settings, but no WiFi bars in the top bar of the iPhone or iPad (it just shows cellular). No WiFi internet works if you disable mobile data or remove the SIM.

I then disable NextDNS from Services/NextDNS. I don’t reboot but NextDNS logs reports below: 

    Tue Jan  5 16:50:49 2021 daemon.notice nextdns[2597]: Received signal: terminated
    Tue Jan  5 16:50:49 2021 daemon.notice nextdns[2597]: Stopping NextDNS 1.9.4/linux
    Tue Jan  5 16:50:49 2021 daemon.notice nextdns[2597]: Restore router settings
    Tue Jan  5 16:50:54 2021 daemon.notice nextdns[2597]: NextDNS 1.9.4/linux stopped

I disconnect my WAN-unable WiFi clients and connect again and Internet now works for all clients. If I reboot the router everything continues to work.

If I then enable NextDNS with WiFi clients still connected and don’t reboot, they continue to work. But if another client connects or I disconnect a working client and reconnect, they stop getting internet access. If I reboot router, clients still have no WAN connectivity as per ^ above.

Any thoughts?


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  • So as I hit my head constantly against a brick wall trying to resolve this myself, I'm having a hard time getting my head around the fact that I am a paid user of this service and I get NO support from the company providing the service (only community help), even when there is a bug in the way it functions?

    Olivier Poitrey Can anyone assist please?

    • Shane Lord Please try to follow this installation procedure: https://github.com/nextdns/nextdns/wiki/OpenWRT

      • Shane Lord
      • Shane_Lord
      • 8 days ago
      • Reported - view

      Olivier Poitrey Hi.

      I did follow this. I did each of the steps under "All Versions", then followed the steps under "Version 19.07.01-rc2+" although that wiki isn't exactly clear if I do both or just one of them if I have 19.07.x or newer running, so I assumed do them all.

    • Shane Lord please try to uninstall both luci-app-nextdns and nextdns and only follow the CLI install. Once done, please show the output of "nextdns config".

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