Can NextDNS hide blank spaces used by blocked ads?

Unfortunately, this is not doable at the DNS level. You need a browser extension like uBlock Origin for that.

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  • Hi

    May I suggest to try Ad blocking apps? Such as Blokada Or Adguard.

    If you're using Adguard then apply NextDNS TLS or HTTPs under Adguard DNS
    If you're using Blokada (free open source) Just enable ad protection & disable DNS to continue with NextDNS blocking.

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    • Mohit I'm using ADGUARD and I love it. Can you help me with something? How do I add like you said NEXTDNS to my ADGUARD? 

    • Bearded Anarchy nevermind, I figured it out. Just trying to see the difference between TLS and over https

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      • Mohit
      • Mohit
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Bearded Anarchy  My answer of your question is already in my previous comment :)

      If you're using Adguard on your Windows OS then open Adguard > Settings > DNS.

      Scroll down and add DNS 

      If you're using TLS then type TLS:// and enter your nextdns TLS link mentioned in your nextdns.

      If you're using https then use nextdns https:// link

      Save it and then enable DNS and choose your saved nextdns.

      Similarly you can do for Android or iPhone.

      Here's the screenshot of my Android Adguard with nextdns.

      I set RM to recognise/name my device on Nextdns server to monitor filters.

      I hope you found this helpful.

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      • Michael S
      • Michael_Smith
      • 1 yr ago
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      Mohit I don't believe this is possible on iOS, at least with the free version?

    • Mohit May I ask what your  adguard settings are? 

  • Nice. Yeah I'm using all this on my Android. So I have it the same as you then, using the TLS. I appreciate the help. 

  • Yes with creative redirects 

  • What is the best setup for Ad-Blocking ??



    After a short research this is what I found so far:


    Best DNS level Adblocking: NextDNS / Adguard DNS 2.0


    Best system-wide endpoint level Adblocking: AdGuard / Blokada / StopAd


    Best browser Adblocking: Brave Browser / uBlock Origin


    Best self-hosted Adblocking: Pi-Hole / AdGuard Home




    Are there any other recommendations worth checking out?


    What do you think is the best combination for blocking advertisements on all levels and devices, including various end devices such as smart TVs and so on.

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