Why can't Youtube ads be blocked?

Some services like Youtube are using techniques to prevent ad-blockers from blocking their ads. It is unfortunately impossible to block them using DNS ad blocking at this time.

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  • Does Messenger ads work like Youtube?! It's frustrating to always ignore in-app advertising

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      • Mohit
      • Mohit
      • 3 mths ago
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      Jose Santos Christian

      You can use Adguard, they now have feature to share youtube video on adguard app and play ad free directlt from adguard but each time you need to share video in adguard app to play ad free


      Use YouTube Venced app but I recommend not to use your Google gmail to signin because YouTube is against Venced app.

      I hope you found this helpful.

  • If you are on Android use the New Pipe app. No ads.

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  • I recommend you use a yt downloader its hard to find one without the ads being broken on next dns so here u go : https://youtube-video.download/en1/

  • is there a way to disable ads in streaming services like tubi.tv or plex on android streaming boxes?

  • I want to add to what Mohit said (share video to AdGuard and YouTube Vanced).

    If you use webpage in good browsers instead of useless apps you not only can block ads but you also do something for your privacy. Some services like Twitter and Instagram and even this website (help.nextdns.io not my.nextdns.io) have https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_web_application PWA . You will have icon and it will look like an app but is running inside the browser. Not all websites have this, last time I used, Facebook, for example, did not have it. But it was OK in mobile web browser. You can even use messenger if you change the mobile browser to desktop.

    As for streaming without ads, the best thing I know is https://wwww.webvideocaster.com Web Video Caster. Once you get to know how to use it's amazing. I can cast YouTube for example on my TV without ads.

  • If your on a desktop computer, then just install unlock origin to block YouTube ads.