NextDNS intermittently stops working since 19/11

Since yesterday we started not being able to randomly resolve websites. As a result our internet appears unstable. After debugging it only stabilised when I completely removed NextDNS servers from the router configuration. Setting them manually on the clients also causes disruption after a few minutes, so it is not router-related.

Is this something anyone else experiences?

(Paid plan, located in the UK, OFNL provider).

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    I managed to debug the problem. For future reference:

    The problem started a few hours after I restarted my router on 19/11, but at the time seemed unrelated, because it persisted after all the reboots and restarts. After 20/11 I was not able to use NextDNS at all almost immediately after restarting my router and getting a new IP. I gave up and tried to debug it today (24/11).

    One of my devices is a RasPi and runs the nextdns client to be able to use DoH. It looks like this client (version 1.39.4 at the time of testing), upon detecting a new IP, was causing some short of request overload that was probably getting picked up by NextDNS servers as DoS and they were denylisting my IP. It was repeatable, restarting my internet connection at router level would immediately make NextDNS servers resolve hostnames, and about a minute later they would stop.

    I stopped the nextdns client, restarted my internet connection and it is working ok since.

    I have upgraded the nextdns client to 1.41.0 and started it about 30 minutes later, without causing the DNS server to block me (at least, for now).

    It would be interested to hear from NextDNS stuff about this.

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