Respond to modification is bug?


I found a BUG in response to the modification. For example, when I had to fill in multiple domains and IPs, an error occurred.

For example, the original format "," is as follows, and it is wrong


Replaced with the system instructions "、", it is successful, but it has no effect


Almost the language translation caused the input corresponding format error. Is it a BUG error? Can it be corrected?

Thank you 

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    • Ruby_Balloon
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Normally, You cannot/shouldn't enter multiple dns IPs/domains in a single field. The IPs/domains shown are examples of what you could enter in a single field. 

    1st field appears to be Dns-over-TLS (DoT) examples

    2nd field appears to be ipv4 dns IP examples

    You can only use one DoT domain in the 1st field and only 1 ipv4 dns IP in the 2nd field

    one.one.one.one = Cloudflare DoT = Cloudflare ipv4 DNS IP

    dns.google = Google DoT = Google ipv4 DNS IP

    Note: dns.google.com should just be dns.google (for Android)

    • sakamoto
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Is it not possible to set a single domain, corresponding to multiple IPs?

    There are also multiple subdomains, corresponding to IP. 

      • Ruby_Balloon
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Sakamoto What I mean by 1 domain/IP is that normally you cannot put double dns domains/IPs in a single field.

      e,g, Putting in Cloudflare DOT and Google DoT in the 1st field (you can only enter one or the other) [assuming its requiring an DoT entry]

      e.g. Putting in Cloudflare DNS ( and Google DNS ( in the 2nd field (you can only enter one or the other) [assuming its requiring an ipv4 DNS entry]

      I can't tell what sort of GUI you're using or what device/OS you're trying to setup or modify but normally you have to follow that rule of 1 domain/IP (it may differ depending on the firmware, OS, device manufacturer but normally that's the general rule, and even if you could do that - its not recommended to use different DNS providers if you're trying to take full advantage of NextDNS)

      These screenshots of yours are likely ipv4 dns entry fields, where you would use Cloudflare DNS (by entering in field 1 and in field 2) or Google DNS (by entering in field 1 and in field 2) or NextDNS (by entering  your dns servers listed under "Linked IP", 1st dns server in field 1 and 2nd dns server in field 2) 

      Someone else on the forum, familiar with your language, can verify what the prompts are actually requiring and what compatible DNS format (ipv4, ipv6, DoH, or DoT) to actually enter so there's no syntax/validation errors

      Which setup type to use? - Getting Started - NextDNS Help Center

      • sakamoto
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Greg B. OK, I understand what you mean, thank you

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