Bad Anycast routing on IPv6 from One NZ


test.nextdns.io connecting to Seoul

"status": "unconfigured",
"resolver": "",
"srcIP": "2407:7000:aa3e:8100::xxxx",
"server": "vultr-sel-1"


  zappie-akl               13 ms
  zetta-syd (IPv6)         37 ms
  vultr-syd (IPv6)         38 ms  (anycast1)
  gsl-syd                  38 ms
  zetta-syd                39 ms  (anycast2)
  vultr-syd                42 ms  (anycast1)
  zetta-bne                48 ms
  vultr-mel                48 ms
  gsl-mel                  49 ms
  anexia-bne               50 ms
  zetta-adl                56 ms
  nautile-nou (IPv6)       60 ms
  nautile-nou              63 ms
  anexia-bne (IPv6)       186 ms
  anexia-mex (IPv6)       200 ms  (anycast2)
  zepto-sel               257 ms  (ultralow1)
  vultr-sel               258 ms  (ultralow2)
  vultr-mel (IPv6)        347 ms
  zappie-akl (IPv6)        error
  gsl-syd (IPv6)           error
  gsl-mel (IPv6)           error
  dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow1)
  dns2.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow2)

Please help 🙂 Thanks!

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    • NextDNs
    • 2 wk ago
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    Can you please check again?

      • Murray
      • 2 wk ago
      • Reported - view

      Thanks very much for the quick reply — unfortunately it doesn't seem to have improved yet, update diag here -> https://nextdns.io/diag/10ae9830-c7c0-11ee-b5fe-9ffb28cb804a

      Please let me know if there's any other diagnostic or evidence gathering I can provide.


        zappie-akl               14 ms
        vultr-syd                38 ms  (anycast1)
        gsl-syd                  38 ms
        zetta-syd (IPv6)         38 ms  (anycast2)
        zetta-syd                38 ms  (anycast2)
        vultr-syd (IPv6)         39 ms  (anycast1)
        zetta-bne                48 ms
        anexia-bne               49 ms
        gsl-mel                  50 ms
        vultr-mel                51 ms
        zetta-adl                57 ms
        nautile-nou (IPv6)       60 ms
        nautile-nou              62 ms
        anexia-bne (IPv6)       183 ms
        zepto-sel               236 ms  (ultralow1)
        vultr-sel               270 ms  (ultralow2)
        vultr-mel (IPv6)        351 ms
        zappie-akl (IPv6)        error
        gsl-syd (IPv6)           error
        gsl-mel (IPv6)           error
        dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow1)
        dns2.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow2)


      "status": "unconfigured",
      "resolver": "",
      "srcIP": "2407:7000:aa3e:8100::xxxx",
      "server": "vultr-sel-1"

      If I use DoH in browser, test.nextdns.io results still show routing to Seoul:

      { "status": "ok", "protocol": "DOH", "profile": "fpaea1cxxxxxxxx", "client": "47.72.x.x", "srcIP": "47.72.x.x", "destIP": "", "anycast": false, "server": "zepto-sel-1", "clientName": "unknown-doh" }
      • Murray
      • 8 days ago
      • Reported - view

      Hey  — I'm still experiencing this issue, is there anything more you're able to do your end to improve routing?

    • entrepreneur, academic educator
    • Erwin
    • 2 wk ago
    • Reported - view

    @murray Strange that you get connected from New Zealand to a Melbourne PoP and I am being connected to Brisbane, while I live in Melbourne... https://nextdns.io/diag/e7d98310-c7d4-11ee-90e0-cdb664cd0709 @nextdns the router.nextdns.io needs a fix!

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