Temporarily disable filtering

Before I migrated from Pi-hole, there was an option to disable blocking for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes, etc. I was able to use that for troubleshooting.

E.g. to identify if Pi-hole was causing a problem, uBO, or the website was having a problem. Pain having to change DNS to verify if a blocklist is causing it.

When something isn't working on my wife's computer, I have to go through log and start adding some things that could be a problem, wait for TTL, and see if that fixes it. World be great if we could have a disable button per profile so that it just acts as a resolver without any blocking (basically, same as if a free user goes over 300,000 queries in over month).

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  • Made an account to suggest this feature as well, but already saw this thread. I would very much appreciate this option as well. I think the PiHole implementation -- where you can disable filtering and just do raw DNS resolution -- for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or until manually switched back on -- would be ideal.

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  • Yeah. I need that, too.

    As I use nextDNS on my router (asus wrt merlin) I am not able to simply disable filtering without completely uninstalling and then reinstalling it...

    But I have Problems with the:

    - speedtestn.net app - it crashes on ios in nextdns-filtered networks and blocklist does not show, which request was blocked befor crash :/

    - I was not able to restore my iPhone from apple server cloud backup on wifi... had to use mobile traffic (luckily my ISP sponsored 100GB this month) - but that proves also some thing is filtered with nxtdns


    SO I'd like to have this option to temporarily disable all filtering, too.


    happy holidays

  • This would be a great feature!

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