large number of dns error as a result in a browser but pihole did give a better information

So this is pretty simple. I had several test setup so I had the same problem again that previously stated in the ticket service down? 

So I did everything that  Olivier Poitrey told me to do the previous time.

here is the : https://nextdns.io/diag/2eb76330-85b4-11eb-909c-bbd98deb2146

there is some timeout issue indeed but I was doind a teams conf call at the same time so the time out is just maybe coincidental.

on the other hand I've made a few tests and I've focused myself on the domain help.nextdns.io that i had problem to reach the webpage about nextdns diag. (Ineeded the command line to use your script)

So my dns resolver couldn't resolve it. Not the rest of the network. So it was contained to this setup and I just did the update of nextdns before that on this setup which I think had something to do with.

but with this post I would like to point out some lack of information in nextdns log.

I've made some screenshots and I don't have time redacted everything that needs to be redacted here. 

but you can see that nextdns doesn't report every queries sent to it in its log that's the first problem.

The second problem is that apparently it was not reporting the good dnssec information according to pihole and since pihole is providing way more informational log than nextdns I'm more inclined  to believe pihole than nextdns.

So this has nothing to do with filtering this has to do with dnssec, and the lack of information into nextdns.

I can provide the screenshots through DM or mail. 

Best regards 

Thanks in advance

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  • so is there a mail where I can send the screenshots in place of an open forum ? 

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