Having latency issue


I'm trying out the service and considering subscribing.

On Apple devices (with the profile) the latency numbers are great, but on Windows (using the official app) the latency is just terrible.

They are all in the same network. Private relay is off.

It seems that on Windows it always tries to use servers in Europe or in the US, despite that I'm in Japan.

Diag: https://nextdns.io/diag/4cc43830-3fae-11ec-9612-cf4b3674d3ee


  starry-osa (IPv6)    6 ms  (ultralow1)

  starry-osa           7 ms  (ultralow1)

  zepto-tyo (IPv6)    13 ms

  xtom-osa (IPv6)     14 ms  (ultralow2)

  zepto-tyo           14 ms

  xtom-osa            14 ms  (ultralow2)

  vultr-tyo           15 ms

  vultr-tyo (IPv6)    20 ms

  vultr-sel           36 ms

  vultr-sel (IPv6)    44 ms

  anexia-tpe (IPv6)   44 ms

  zepto-sel           45 ms

  serverfield-tpe     46 ms

  zepto-hkg (IPv6)    52 ms

  anexia-hkg          63 ms

  zepto-hkg           63 ms

  anexia-tpe          64 ms

  anexia-hkg (IPv6)   64 ms

  vultr-lax          115 ms  (anycast1)

  ls-bom (IPv6)      139 ms  (anycast1)

  anexia-ams (IPv6)  261 ms  (anycast2)

■ anexia-fra         277 ms  (anycast2)

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