blocklist issue: cdn77.org is blocked

Hey folks,

cdn77.org is currently blocked by "Easylist - Liste FR". However, this block has restrictions: the blocklist entry is


so that browser-based ad blockers don't always block it.

However, this rule causes cdn77.org and all its subdomains to be blocked by NextDNS.

This is annoying because it's a legit CDN, with legit users. For instance it's used on winscp.net, or since very recently on todoist.com (disclaimer: I work for the company behind Todoist). And while uBlock Origin doesn't block cdn77.org usage on these sites, NextDNS does.

I'm not sure exactly how NextDNS "translates" blocklist rules with options into its own block rules, but would it be possible to fix that by allowlisting that domain?

(I'll also contact the maintainer of Liste FR to ask to remove that rule.)


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