Scammed by Bitcoin Payments???

Anyone else have issues paying with bitcoin? I just lost like $50 trying to pay with crypto here twice. It says I underpayed and says I need refund, but to refund I needed to make a Bitpay account. But the website for Bitpay wont let me create an account for some reason on ANY device I use. So they just took my money, said I "didnt pay enough" (even though I paid the right ammount TWICE) and locked my money into a bitcoin website in which it wont let me make an account.


Lowkey im starting to  see how people think cryptocurrency is a scam......

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  • OMFG seriously, BitPay is probably the WORST crypto website ive ever encountered..... 1 Hr later and no progress on even making an account, let alone getting any useful help from BitPay. Smdh

  • Wont let me create an account (account is 100% needed to collect refund). Said I underpaid, even though the TOTAL ammount both times was $19.90  usd

  • ALL of the links that BitPay is emailing me keeps taking me to unsecure websites.... WTF. im seriously getting pissed.

  • Problem resolved. Bitpay fucntions completely on internet trackers........  literally have to enable ALL tracking and ads for the site to work......... NextDNS, find a different system for cryptocurrency transactions please.. BitPay is garbage.

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