Routed to Singapore and Amsterdam Servers from India

Can anyone from India here please check via ping.nextnds.io if they are getting connected to Indian servers or not? Both my IPv4 and IPv6 primary servers are from Singapore and the secondary ones are from Amsterdam.
Some help would be nice from fellow users or the devs.

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    • Jermaine_Potts
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    Anything that can be done regarding this please?
    Getting 150+ on secondary resolvers and around 80ms on the primary ones.

    • iamtheanon
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    I don't think everyone is facing this issue. I have tried using ipv4 only and also with ipv6 (i.e. UDP), DoT (Private DNS in Android), DoH (NextDNS CLI on Mac and Apple profile on iOS) and I always connect to the ultralow gc-bom, ls-bom or the other Indian Servers. Of course, anycast servers is shown as being in Italy or other places but I am being routed correctly with the Indian Unicast servers.

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