Add to allowlist directly from log page

Please provide a way to directly add to the allowlist from the log page. Most of my interactions with the site hav been about trying to figure out why a page isn't working, and it's mostly been digging through the logs, copying the domain of the likely culprit that's breaking the page, opening the allowlist in another tab, and then pasting that domain in. Given that I may have to go through several domains, this is a lot of back and forth between tabs. I would much prefer to be able to directly add the entry to the allowlist by clicking on something in the log page. The fewer clicks the better.

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  • Seconded! I spend a lot of time copy pasting from Logs to Allowlist.

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  • A long long time awaited feature, please add it soon !

    Une fonctionnalité attendue depuis le début de NextDNS, pour pouvoir remplacer un pi-hole qui offre cette souplesse incontournable ! 

  • I would just add one more point to it,  add functionality to manually create an "allowlist" file, and be able to share it across different profiles (either by upload or making it available as a list of choice just like blocklists).  I don't want to allow certain domains on one of my profiles but I do want to allow them on others, if I have a way to create a custom list, I don't have to keep adding and adding domains that I want to allow for a given profile. 

  • Just to add on - Also allow us to choose whether to allow the specific blocked domain or allow it's root domain

  • I want this too!

  • Definitely, we need this option (Add to Allowlist/Blacklist)

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