All traffic doesn't seem to go through the logs


I wanted to use the service to block YouTube, but after some tests, it doesn't seem to go through the NextDNS. I'm using the Nvidia shield with Android TV. 

I've tested other apps, such as Netflix and the logs go through and I can block it. But some apps like YouTube or Crunchyroll doesn't seem to generate logs and cannot be blocked. 

Any idea if it's a config version on my side? Or do I have to wait some time before the end are flushed?


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  • It’s possible for an app to run its own dns client rather than use that of the operating system.   If it’s using original dns (UDP port 53) it would be trivial to spot with a packet capture, but if it’s using DOH or DOT, it would be trickier.   They’d likely use one of the latter if the goal was to evade detection 

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      • sauleil
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      Calvin Hobbes thanks, I'll try running a wireshark to see if it's what you're saying, but it makes sense. Thanks.

    • sauleil cool!  I’ll be interested to see what you find.   In the meantime, I found this project that can be used specifically for including a DNS client into an app https://c-ares.org/why.html

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