Routing problemas (Portugal)

Routing problems to Lisbon, Portugal.

Cli on router always connects to Madrid.

Using DoT or DoH, it always connects to Paris or Frankfurt.

I think Anexia is having some routing problems. Here in Portugal they are behind dotsi, which I think it's the culprit.

However, they are two PoP in Lisbon, but it never connects to none of them, despite ls-lis having very low pings.

Diag report: https://nextdns.io/diag/5f6ab3b0-ace5-11ed-9434-ebceef3db624


Also, as a suggestion, you should enable DoH3 as default (same as you did on your most recent project DNS0), or at least, on router cli, the option to choose.

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    Calling for you attention on this important matter.

    • maghuro
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    FFS I'm finally out to ControlD.

    Tired of paying for a service and have ZERO support for it.

    "Big news are coming" - an year ago. Where they are? Oh I see - DNS0 😅

    Nextdns started full power, really enjoyed "beta-testing" it and from a year now it stopped in time. Full of problems in BGP, and zero support.

    Many solutions came after it and are on the leading market.

    Where are your support, guys? I'm paying you a service, at least I expect an answer to a problem I probably have!!


    Thanks for this couple of years. It has been a pleasure..*mic drop*

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