Twitter images blocked when NextDNS is on


Using NextDNS, it happens often that twitter cannot load images. Disabling NextDNS fixes the issue.

On the logs, twitter and *.twimg.com domains are allowed, twitter requests are not blocked.

I've seen this problem is common in different forums, not only with NextDNS, but how to fix it ?

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  • It sounds like one of your blocklists may be blocking a specific domain that Twitter needs. Have you tried turning off most of your blocklists to see what happens? 

  • Doesn't look like it because I don't have any blocked query in the logs. That's the problem.

    So why is NextDNS preventing twitter images from loading whereas I don't have anything blocked in the logs ? I soon as I disable NextDNS, the images load immediately. 

    I really like NextDNS but this is really frustrating.

    • JM did you enable CNAME flattening?

      • JM
      • quartz_flower
      • 2 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Olivier Poitrey Yes, it is enabled. Shall I disable it ?

  • I tried with the CNAME flattening on and off, it makes absolutely to difference. Twitter images won't load.

    • JM yes, or make sure you don't have DNSSEC validation enabled on your client.

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