Cannot find specific filtered page/script in logs

I am trying to identify the rule that is responsible for blocking a script from loading on a page. The webpage loads but a script that loads the products and displays the menu is not loading. I am not able to identify it in the logs list by checking for blocked pages as usual. Is there any way you could set up a test dns with all blocklists enabled to help me troubleshoot which lists may be responsible for blocking the menu on 
so I can still use my NextDNS service without having to switch to shop here
Usually I can identify the rule responsible but in this case there is something special about the way this page loads it is not able to and whatever rule nextDNS is using to block it is not showing up in the logs maybe this can help identify a rule that is not showing up properly when blocking in logs
I am also unable to add letsascend.com to the allow list to get it working because these filters are not working properly

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  • Are these the menus you're referring to? I didn't have any problems loading them using my NextDNS config on my Android phone

    Fyi, you can't see scripts, website directories, or file paths through dns logs. It's a limitation of the protocol itself

  • I have enabled a lot of filters it is not blocked by the DNS service normally.

    I am trying to pinpoint the filter responsible but it is not showing in Logs when I check show all blocked only

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