High latency with Viettel (Vietnam) network operator

All anycast servers (including IPv4 and IPv6) have very high latency. Please check it out!

Also, ultralow server 1 (anexia-han) sometimes gives high latency (about 60ms)

Diag: https://nextdns.io/diag/0d103990-a4d1-11ec-907c-51b8b8dfe5fd

  greencloud-han (IPv6)    34 ms
■ greencloud-han           37 ms  (ultralow2)
  vultr-sin                50 ms
  anexia-han               65 ms  (ultralow1)
  anexia-sin (IPv6)        65 ms
  premiumrdp-bkk           68 ms
  anexia-sin               75 ms
  bangmod-bkk              76 ms
  zepto-sin (IPv6)         98 ms
  zepto-sin               128 ms
  vultr-sin (IPv6)        152 ms
  vultr-syd               159 ms  (anycast2)
  zepto-fra               163 ms  (anycast1)
  gsl-sin                 202 ms
  anexia-dxb (IPv6)       228 ms  (anycast1)
  anexia-ams (IPv6)       231 ms  (anycast2)
  thegigabit-kul          232 ms
  gsl-sin (IPv6)          264 ms
  premiumrdp-kul          385 ms
  dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow1)
  dns2.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow2)

P/s: Currently, carriers in Vietnam are starting to deploy by default IPv6 for modems (cable networks) and devices (4G networks). When an IPv6 connection is available, the device automatically switches to an IPv6 anycast server with high latency, greatly slowing down the speed. Please check this out! Thank you!

Update: Ping image from my 2 devices, iPhone running iOS 13 still using VPN, connection to IPv6 anycast server has very high latency.

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    • BigDargon
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    Looks like routing is back as it was, however anycast1 still routes to europe.

      anexia-hkg       42 ms  (anycast2)
    ■ greencloud-han   43 ms  (ultralow2)
      anexia-han       45 ms  (ultralow1)
      vultr-sin        52 ms
      gsl-sin          62 ms
      zepto-sin        62 ms
      bangmod-bkk      69 ms
      anexia-sin       71 ms
      premiumrdp-kul   87 ms
      premiumrdp-bkk   91 ms
      thegigabit-kul   93 ms
      zepto-fra       179 ms  (anycast1)

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