NextDNS via EdgeRouter X


We have NextDNS deployed across a bunch of remote sites using Starlinks and Satellite NBN as the uplink and have NextDNS configured with the CLI command in the Github on EdgeRouter X's.


We have two networks, one using NextDNS (while we are testing it out) and another not using it. We have had reports from one particular site that it is quite slow, and randomly just stops working, and when swapping back to the non-NextDNS network is working well.

I cannot see any sites being blocked during the times they report it, or any outages on the Edgerouter, however they say that they are browsing around, then all of a sudden certain pages stop loading. And it sounds like not everything stops, sometimes just one particular app/tab, and others are working. However there is no trend on what specifically is being blocked.

I can see a bunch of traffic coming through on the logs, but no blocks that could be causing this.


I have ran the diagnostic tool directly on the edgerouter which is linked here: https://nextdns.io/diag/d3267ca0-fc42-11ee-a3fd-91978792915b


And below is my NextDNS config on the Edgerouter X:

control /var/run/nextdns.sock
cache-size 10MB
hardened-privacy false
report-client-info true
mdns all
bogus-priv true
timeout 5s
listen localhost:53
max-ttl 5s
max-inflight-requests 256
setup-router true
auto-activate false
log-queries false
cache-max-age 0s
detect-captive-portals false
debug false
profile abc123
use-hosts true


Any feedback would be great, from config changes that may help, to other ways I could deploy NextDNS that may fix this (keep in mind, some devices using this server are unmanaged, so deploying software directly on the device may not be possible)



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