NextDNS authored on DoH while blocking DoH

I try to bypass my nextDNS protection to test it, and DoH with cloudfare or anyone failed, but it's success when using DoH with nextDNS without configuring with my ID configuration.


I saw that on firefox, nextDNS servers with DoH are located under firefox.dns.nextdns.io that redirect to steering.nextdns.io that is real server DoH.


So i tried to block in the black list, (only steering.nextdns.io), and what a surprised when i saw in the log that it has no effects at all because steering.nextdns.io was still able to be resolve.


steering.nextdns.io has different IP that nextdns.io usually use.


Can someone explain me why nextDNS can't block some subdomains such as steering.nextdns.io ?



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