Blacklisted facebook and still has connections

Hi everyone!

But today I have a problem. On my Android phone (MIUI 12, Android 10) I only have WhatsApp installed from Facebook (no Instagram, no Facebook, no Messenger). NextDNS blocks privatestats.whatsapp.net, and also graph.facebook.com, because Tricount (an app for expenses) has it.

But suddenly, a week ago,with no changes on the apps installed or in my use of the phone, appears two new domains: mqtt-mini.facebook.com & www.facebook.com. I guess that it's also tracking, because I don't use Facebook and it's weird that every 5-10 minutes, even with the phone locked, makes a petition to that domains.

I put both domains on the blacklist, but even with that, NextDNS isn't blocking anything. I tried to enter facebook.com on my Firefox for Android, and I could with any trouble.

https://imgur.com/a/IWck1GU -> Screenshots

My list: NextDNS list, oisd, Goodbye Ads, 1Hosts (Lite) and Steven Black. All working with no issues from the beginning.

I also tried to block Facebook through Parental Control (deleting domains from blacklist just in case), but doesn't work. It makes the petition with any blocks. I also tried to access Facebook's website through Chrome (first use) and downloaded Brave just for this, no config, and also I could access to the website.

I'm run out of ideas (and also blaming at Facebook).


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  • I've been having the same issues on my Android phone and Windows laptop today. Visiting the NextDNS control panel it says I'm using NextDNS but without a profile. Remove NextDNS and reapply and it works for a bit then goes bad again

    Is there a status page so we can see what issues there are, as it seems it's with NextDNS

  • Can't reproduce this on my Moto G Power via Firefox on Android. It's possible you have a dns leak. You can run a dns leak test via dnsleaktest.com to see if you're unintentionally using a secondary/alternative dns provider in addition to NextDNS

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