Parental Controls Enhanced

The parental controls feature is one of the key features why I chose NextDNS over pi-hole for instance. (I don't want to go fiddle with a database every time I want to enable/disable client management groups)

The two things I'm really keen on (as a version 2):

1. Finer grained re-creation times. At the moment you can only have a single re-creational window per day. But what if you want multiple slots? E.g. Give access to social media sites around lunch time (1 - 2pm) and then again after 6pm. Also at the moment you can only select recreational time up to 23:30 and not midnight.

2. Create custom groups over and above the 5 default groups. This is great so customers can individualise their set-up. I.e. I want to include TikTok, YouTube, Minecraft in a custom group which I can easily switch on/off or via a finer grained recreation time(s) see point 1.

There is already a ticket open on this forum called 'Extend Parental Control functionality' but I see this as a further extension of that request.



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  • I find the parental controls from nextdns pretty useless, as this is not parental controls, its home controls. With parental controls you need to be able to select devices which can be add to the parental controls, i think nextdns has still a lot to learn from adguardhome where these things are standard, where you are able to have global settings (all home) and individual settings. Now the whole house is restricted and this is not good.

    You really need the ability to configure different rules and apply different settings for different devices in your network (clients).

    • Armand you can apply per device configuration by either installing nextdns locally on the device or using the CLI client with the conditional configuration feature if you want to apply it at the network level. For parental control, it is advised to install it locally on the device, this way the protection work outside of your home network (cellular, public wifi etc.).

    • NextDNS I don't use this for "protection". I use it to help me stay focused. I don't care if it doesn't work when I'm not in my house, I just want it to blanket apply to all my devices while I am home!

  • @nextdns any further thoughts on my feature request?

    • Jaco Greyling It’s the end of the year and there’s a pandemic so the NextDNS. And I imagine the NextDNS people might be busy. I think NextDNS is almost a unique service. But having watched how the company handled inquiries, suggestions and bug reports over the last year, I get the impression it’s a part-time job for the founders and their attention could be on other things. I could easily be wrong but I wonder if there’s a development plan they could share to show how they intend to develop the service over time?

  • This is sorely needed. As this feature currently stands, it's almost useless and it's the main reason I just installed NextDNS. 

    I just want the ability to block certain domains at various times of the day. I can't even add my own domains currently, and I'm restricted to a single time slot for each day for "recreation". This is useless. 

  • In order for this to be realistically useful, you need the following:

    • Ability to specify custom domains
    • Ability to set "recreation" times (emphasis on the plural) for each domain individually. 
    • Preferably, the ability to create groups of apps/domains, and to have the recreating settings be defined for an entire group. 
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  • Good day,

    Is it possible to get Flikr.com in the list of apps?
    I find my daughter searching for horses on Flikr the whole day and ik would like to control that at least at night.

    Kind regards,


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