Parental Controls Enhanced

The parental controls feature is one of the key features why I chose NextDNS over pi-hole for instance. (I don't want to go fiddle with a database every time I want to enable/disable client management groups)

The two things I'm really keen on (as a version 2):

1. Finer grained re-creation times. At the moment you can only have a single re-creational window per day. But what if you want multiple slots? E.g. Give access to social media sites around lunch time (1 - 2pm) and then again after 6pm. Also at the moment you can only select recreational time up to 23:30 and not midnight.

2. Create custom groups over and above the 5 default groups. This is great so customers can individualise their set-up. I.e. I want to include TikTok, YouTube, Minecraft in a custom group which I can easily switch on/off or via a finer grained recreation time(s) see point 1.

There is already a ticket open on this forum called 'Extend Parental Control functionality' but I see this as a further extension of that request.



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