"This device is using NextDNS with no profile" - I have a profile

I've made a profile (just 1) and am using DoT on my android and IPv4 on my Windows10. Android is running fine, it's adhering to my blocklists, storing logs etc.

But NextDNS is not acknowledging my profile when it comes to Windows. When I login on my desktop, on the Setup tab it says, "This device is using NextDNS with no profile".

I've LITERALLY configured the same IPv4 address on my desktop as given in the Setup tab!!!

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    • saffron_zebra
    • 7 mths ago
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    Seems the issue is unique to Firefox and its equivalent browser Waterfox. Tried logging in with Edge and everything was fine.

      • R_P_M
      • 7 mths ago
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      SA How have you set up Firefox/Waterfox? Could there be something blocking it or maybe the secure dns option is on but not configured correctly?

    • Bryan_Hocking
    • 7 mths ago
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    I'm having the same issue. I am running Linux. This issue happens across Brave and Chromium browsers. Says this device is using NextDNS with no profile. I have no idea what that means or what to do

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