How do I route to a different POP?

Anycast and Ultralow are both resolving to POPs in MIA. This is normally fine, except for peak times when I see network latency go into the several hundreds ms.

I've reported this several times to Olivier Poitrey but it has yet to be resolved.

I would like to route to the ATL POPs for both Anycast and Ultralow (I use the NextDNS CLI) where pages load normally when using

I suspect there is a ton of load in MIA (not just for NextDNS, but from my ISP) where it makes everything super slow and streaming buffer - an issue I do not see when I use a different DNS resolver out of FLL or ATL.


I've attempted to add some Rewrites but they don't appear to be working:

*.dns.nextdns.io → anexia-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io
*.dns1.nextdns.io → anexia-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io
*.dns2.nextdns.io → vultr-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io

*.steering.nextdns.io → anexia-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io
*.dns1.steering.nextdns.io → anexia-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io
*.dns2.steering.nextdns.io → vultr-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io

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  • Note: I'm just some guy on the Internet, and I am sure this isn't something that is officially supported by NextDNS so if it doesn't work correctly/at-all, you may have to revert the change and wait for a better or official answer. Definitely back up your existing config before you do this.

    You could possibly use a global forwarder in the NextDNS CLI configuration file (referenced here), and specify https://vultr-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io/config_number. You may need to put a bootstrap after the URL, as well, so it would be https://vultr-atl-1.edge.nextdns.io/config_number# In theory this should work to get the traffic to another host, but important to note that this has some other caveats: the CLI may not be able to recover if your specified server goes offline and I'm guessing you will also lose any client name/info reporting. There may be other issues I am not thinking of and it may not work at all.

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      Chris Leidich Thanks! That does appear to be working with the bootstrap, according to test.nextdns.io

      The only downside is I lost the ability to identify the devices in the log, as the clientName is not being passed. Hopefully support will come up with a solution that doesn't require the config file changes, but it will do for now :)

  • Bump. Anything from support on what's the best way to route to a different POP? Or is this thread going to go unanswered like all my others?

  • I have a similar query. I am based in Sydney. There are plenty of POPs in Sydney.

    For some reason, NextDNS always picks Adelaide - 25ms away vs Sydney 2ms away.

    How do we force it to use the closest? I am using the CLI client on my router.

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