Doesn't block pornhub?

learned about this service from a podcast. Signed up for free version. Turned on safe browsing, parental filters, etc. (all checkboxes). Went to pornhub.com - and everything shows up (I installed the windows version with the TAP filter and everything). Why would it not block that? hoping it would help prevent my kids from seeing bad stuff by accident.

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  • Not able to reproduce this, have you verified the device(s) you're testing with are using  your NextDNS config? If so, is your config setup properly to block the porn category

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  • Remember that all major browsers also support DoH, and if they're configured to use anything other than your specific NextDNS config, there will be no filtering. See the setup configuration for browsers and confirm that either DoH is not activated, or just set it to your config.

  • I have same issue and it is a deal breaker for me.

    seems like nexdns does not block sites based on content.

    I am paying for the service and not sure if I will keep it as this was the primary reason I signed up.

    sure it will block popular porn sites but not everything since it seems to lack content based blocking.

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      Amir Mughal NextDNS can't do content-based blocking because it can't even see the content of the site. You'll want a browser-based solution or one that tunnel every traffic for that. 

  • If your using chrome make sure you disable quic, as this resolves directly with google. If using chromebooks, disable built-in dns . It points to google. If using firefox, make sure its set to use the machines dns and not internal.  If you  want to force nextdns, install nextdns app, block port 53 tcp/udp and on your router for dns. Block  port 443 udp and port 80 udp for quic.  Only allow port 53 to nextdns ip's if not using Doh.

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