Xfinity with NextDNS

So I've done everything from turning off Advanced Security to manually adding ip's for NextDNS to my wifi. Nothing works and no network or Internet access. Any suggestions?

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  • Please try disabling the "Use Ultra-Low Latency Network" option in the iOS settings or enabling "Bootstrap IPs" in the profile generator advanced options.

    Alternatively you can disable Xfinity Safe Browsing feature, it is blocking dns.nextdns.io.

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  • More information would be helpful. What's your network look like? Are you using the standard xfinity gateway modem/router? What devices are you using? How are you accessing DNS? 

    • Thank you for replying. So my setup is as so. I’m using the XB7 rented modem with the devices running the app/apple profile/dns ip’s. There are no computers per se in the home just our phones at the moment. I’ve only started with my phone and if I have any of the above (app/apple profile/dns ip’s) enabled or entered manually into my phone there’s no internet access but can access the network. Once I disable the one I’m trying to use internet works just fine. I can use it with both the Xfinity and xfinitywifi ssid’s with no problem either. I’m not sure what else to try so any suggestions would be appreciated. 

  • I too have xfinity… you can’t change the dns servers on home setup Alas you have your own router connected. On business modems it’s easy to do. Have access to both .. can confirm. 

    Guessing home, how are you trying to access nextdns? There are multiple ways you can do..

    Straight on device like iPhone, nextdns app won’t work in home setup. You need to disable nextdns app on your WiFi ssid for internet to work. Then Add ipv4 or ipv6 next dns servers to WiFi settings.

    Second, you can use 3rd party apps for setting dns (they are available for both iOS and android) 

    Third, On Pc/Mac you can use yoga dns or nextdns app. Follow instructions on my.nextdns.io

    Also, If you are comfortable with terminal/cli version you can use your system as router. Just create multiple profiles for each device for clean logs. 

  • Here’s 2 pics I took one of the “Threat History” that Advanced Security caught which I allowed. However didn’t do anything. The other is of my phone stating there’s no internet when connected to my home network using the app, manually entering in the dns addresses and also with the apple configuration profile. Any further assistance would be helpful. 

    • Aaron Lundgren found a solution to xfinity problems. You need to swap your modem if paying the rental.. swapped to XB7 with model #CGM4331COM don’t get the other one #TG4882A. If you are using your own let me know will help with the set up. 

    • wanderabyss did you switch your modem out for the other and it's worked flawless for a while?

    • Aaron Lundgren swapped XB6 for XB7 with model#TG* had same issue with next dns not working unless I do manual setup.. Add dns in wifi settings or use third party app like trust-dns on iPhone but still doh wasn’t fully working, ultralow ping was way off and you can’t differentiate the devices. Other problem on xfinity was.. if you go to management portal ( you’ll see the settings grayed out esp Wi-Fi. Talked to tech support they told few modems are set in auto mode for ease. Swapped for another one (model #com*) and now settings ain’t grayed out .. can use the NextDNS iOS app without any problems or manual setup. ping is < 10ms (ultralow) !!!

    • wanderabyss alright good to know but I have access to all my modems configuration other than setting the dns obviously so I'm not worried it's that.  Might be some of the security setting/ports for medium vs low. 

    • Aaron Lundgren start with low security settings. Remove NextDNS app on your iPhone and connect to Wi-Fi normally. Next, Go to App Store and download either of these apps.. dns changer - trust dns, dns cloak - secure dns client or may be adguard - Adblock & privacy (for dns use the free trial). Add next dns (ipv4, ipv6 or sdns) in them and then verify if it’s working. These app do automatic switch for Wi-Fi & cellular. 

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