impossible connection of private DNS on Google pixel 6

hello, since this morning, it is impossible for me to connect to the nextdns service on my pixel 6 updated with the may patch.  Is there a breakdown?

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  • Bonjour, j'ai exactement le même problème mais uniquement en 4g. Pas de problème en wifi

  • Hello,


    01) Could you try to be more specific about your issue

    02) Have you tried doing things like https://ping.nextdns.io/ and https://test.nextdns.io (Make sure to turn off in-built DNS-over-HTTPS on browser if it supports that, e.g Vanadium, Bromite, Kiwi, Iceraven, Fennec and Mull for instance)

    03) Are you using the native Google Android or an alternative such as GrapheneOS, CalyxOS or DivestOS?

    (Not a support staff but you aren't really giving any details to go on for them or the community, please provide as much details as possible so the staff and community can try to help)

    Note: Fellow Pixel 6 user here without any issues on GrapheneOS with Private DNS.

  • Bonjour

    Téléphone Google pixel 6 Android 12 officiel

    Opérateur orange France

    Utilisation de la fonction native d'Android Dns privé

    Voici les test

  • Hi,

    I'm on a pixel 4a, most recent android 12 update, also on Orange network and I'm loosing connection from time to time, even on wifi. I need to remove private DNS and after few minutes changing back.

    Thank you guys for the great work, hope this is just a passing bug.

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      Off-Topic, but beware that your device becomes EOL within 1 year and 4 months.

      https://endoflife.date -> Google Pixel -> 4a

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  • Bonjour,

    Problème identique ici sur Pixel 6 également, ROM stock.

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