Issues w/ NextDNS Service on Windows 10 System

I've been running the NextDNS agent across multiple Windows 10 and mobile devices for over a year now. In the last month, I noticed the agent would stop running on one of the Windows 10 systems.

I've double checked anti-virus settings (Defender) and have exclusions in place for the directory where it is installed to; there is no evidence of any detections flagging the agent. When I open the settings for the agent, the "Status" shows as stopped. I'm usually able to get it running again by either uninstalling and reinstalling or stopping and starting the Windows service for the agent but inevitably it will disable itself again.

None of the other Windows 10 systems on the network are having these issues (all of which are fully patched along with the problem system). 

Is anyone else having sporadic problems with the agent service being stopped for no reason?

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  • I am having the same issue, it started within the last week or so.  Uninstall and reinstall seems to be good until a reboot.  Then it's stuck in "disconnected" and nothing changes it until another reinstall.  I too have exceptions put in place for Defender to leave the install directory alone and see no indication that anything was ever flagged or detected.

  • Did You always update windows. 

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