Issues w/ NextDNS Service on Windows 10 System

I've been running the NextDNS agent across multiple Windows 10 and mobile devices for over a year now. In the last month, I noticed the agent would stop running on one of the Windows 10 systems.

I've double checked anti-virus settings (Defender) and have exclusions in place for the directory where it is installed to; there is no evidence of any detections flagging the agent. When I open the settings for the agent, the "Status" shows as stopped. I'm usually able to get it running again by either uninstalling and reinstalling or stopping and starting the Windows service for the agent but inevitably it will disable itself again.

None of the other Windows 10 systems on the network are having these issues (all of which are fully patched along with the problem system). 

Is anyone else having sporadic problems with the agent service being stopped for no reason?

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  • I am having the same issue, it started within the last week or so.  Uninstall and reinstall seems to be good until a reboot.  Then it's stuck in "disconnected" and nothing changes it until another reinstall.  I too have exceptions put in place for Defender to leave the install directory alone and see no indication that anything was ever flagged or detected.

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  • Did You always update windows. 

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  • Updating this thread, as issues continue with the NextDNS service being disabled or stopped. So far, I haven't identified anything that is disabling the service but it is ALWAYS disabled when I start up Windows no matter what I do. The issue has also started happening with two other Windows 10 systems on the same network.

    My temporary solution has been to manually restart the service via a .bat script, which results in the service running for some time but eventually it will disable. Again, I'm unsure why the service is disabling but it the issue is happening across three different systems running the latest version of NextDNS.

  • I have the same problem it said it is "disconnected" and I do not see the NextDNS service running or installed. I think Microsoft is blocking it because they don't like it, since NextDNS provide a strong privacy.  Big companies do not like privacy.

  • Another update. To be clear, there's nothing I can find that is preventing NextDNS from running on my system. I have anti-virus exclusions in place and have checked and rechecked security and application logs but haven't identified anything conclusive that is causing the service to have issues. Prior to this, Microsoft Defender was detecting and quarantining the main binary but the exclusions resolved that particular issue for me.

    If I restart the NextDNS service, the agent connects and stays connected for a bit before disconnecting again a few hours later. Each time, the agent is running in memory and the "NextDNSService" service is running but the agent states it is disconnected under "Status" and stops reporting back.

    Restarting the service each time resolves the issue and makes everything work for a few hours. I have this same issue on 3 systems running Windows 10.

    As a temporary solution, I've created a simple batch script that stops and then starts the NextDNS service. I have a scheduled task that runs this script on login (all users) and reruns it every 30 minutes thereafter. So far, this solution works and NextDNS stays connected on all 3 systems that were having issues with the agent being disconnected.

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      PW great. Can you share that script!!

  • Well check out the setup tab more clearly, there are alternative suggested in setup tab, like yogadns, try that out, and see if it works, having a bat script running either will provide with some dns leakage and if network blocked while restarting service, might cause some interruptions while gaming or streaming or other latency sensitive services

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