Something is wrong with routing/steering since yesterday

Yesterday (Sunday) I felt something wasn't right with the "snappiness" when I browsed, so I checked my DNS and noticed my two servers I'm always are connected to had been changed.

When I do a "dig dns nextdns.io" I noticed I was redirected to new slower DNS-servers.

steering.nextdns.io.    60    IN    A
steering.nextdns.io.    60    IN    A

When I do the the same dig-query to other DNS-services, I still got the best/fastest servers and Have been connected to these Ultralow-servers for years, but not any more. What makes the steering suddenly change?!

dns.nextdns.io.        300    IN    CNAME    steering.nextdns.io.
steering.nextdns.io.    60    IN    A
steering.nextdns.io.    60    IN    A

steering.nextdns.io.    300    IN    NS    ns1.nextdns.io.
steering.nextdns.io.    300    IN    NS    ns2.nextdns.io.

I also noticed it says I'm not using AnyCast when I do a "test.nextdns.io", but when doing "ping.nextdns.io" it says I use Anycast 2. Very weird...

    "status": "ok",
    "protocol": "DOH3",
    "profile": "xxx",
    "client": "xx.xx.xx.xx",
    "srcIP": "xx.xx.xx.xx",
    "destIP": "",
    "anycast": false,
    "server": "anexia-cph-1",
■ anexia-cph    3 ms  (anycast2)
  edis-cph      4 ms
  anexia-osl   10 ms
  zepto-osl    11 ms
  anexia-sto   32 ms  (ultralow1)
  zepto-sto    38 ms  (anycast1, ultralow2)

The connection (3 ms) is great, but the DNS results returned are much slower. When sniffing DNS-queries they usually are 6-15 ms, but today most are suddenly in the range 30-60 ms. You didn't do any infrastructure upgrades/changes during the weekend?! 

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    Please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag

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