NextDNS causes black screen when blocking ads on the weather channel app

When I try to watch a video on the weather channel app with nextdns enabled, I get a black screen instead of the actual video. Yet when I watch a video on the weather channel in my browser with ublock origin, there is no black screen, just the video. Is there a reason why nextdns can’t block embedded video ads but ublock origin can?

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  • Not possible with DNS. Read FAQ. 

    also check your Logs 

  • I'm not getting the same issue could you send some screenshots etc. I kinda enjoy these little challenges with anti adblockers and such so would be fun to try it out. 

  • It's probably because of a filter list thats blocking a ad that's ending up blocking the whole video instead, check the logs if you see any thing wrong, if you see urls coming from that weather app, but the url contains the word ad or tracker or beacon and its blocked, that probably means they have set it up so that, no ads, no content for you, just like facebook

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