Windows Uninstaller does not remove startup

After running the uninstaller, the NextDNS application remains at startup. 

Version: v3.0.12-2-g648bdf4


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    • Tarek
    • 1 yr ago
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    I am having same problem too but unfortunately this company does not seem to address all bugs that are caused by its app and even after I stopped using its disastrous app & service, I can't even get rid of this silly startup remnant 🤬 Good job NEXTDNS, you managed to make me hate the day I started using your unprofessional service.

      • BigDargon
      • 1 yr ago
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      Calm! You can use YogaDNS. YogaDNS can use DoH/DoT/DoQ, more choice and less error. If you use the paid version, you will be able to install system services.

      Also, on my computer I prefer to use NextDNS's public DNS in the browser, because the browser has a better extension blocker! I usually use ID for mobile devices as primary.

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