Android Private DNS (DoT) connects to far server


I use NextDNS with native Android Private DNS (DoT), no app. If I run the ping test at https://ping.nextdns.io/ I get this:

vultr-sjc       14 ms  (anycast1)
  do-sfo          14 ms
  vultr-lax       18 ms  (ultralow2)
  zepto-lax       21 ms
  anexia-lax      23 ms  (ultralow1)
  one-pdx         28 ms
  bronto-slc      30 ms
  smarthost-las   30 ms
  frantech-las    31 ms
  tier-pdx        57 ms
  anexia-zrh     157 ms  (anycast2)

But if I go from my phone to https://dnsleaktest.com it shows that it actually uses Anexia servers in Zurich which is ... far from California.

What's going on here?

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  • It could be that the leaktest is using an older geoIP database or something, leading it to misidentify the actual endpoint location. 

      • NDH
      • NDH
      • 3 wk ago
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      Chris Van Vorous It is not, the ping to the IP is really high, 150-160ms. Closest ones should be 15-20ms.

    • NDH what do you see if you visit https://test.nextdns.io ? You can redact address/device/config stuff

  • What is your network operator? Is it via WiFi or Cellular? If WiFi, are you able to run https://nextdns.io/diag from a host on the same network?

      • NDH
      • NDH
      • 2 wk ago
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      NextDNS It is wifi. I can run it, and have done so before multiple times, sent you the diags over email. Never heard from you.

      I also reported latency issues in the thread, but not sure anyone actually looks at these: https://help.nextdns.io/t/y4hmvcx?r=35hpr23

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    • NDH please send the diag id on this thread.

      • NDH
      • NDH
      • 12 days ago
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      NextDNS Can't send it:
      Post unsuccessful: status 400

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