Failing Endpoints

I use the NextDNS client installed on my USG, for about 2 weeks now maybe more I have been experiencing some pretty serious issues when the client moves over to another endpoint or fails on one and has to move over to an alternative. 

I get long durations, multiple times a day even where no IP's are being resolved and all my internal services panic because of it. The only way I can recover things in a timely manner is by SSH'ing into the USG and restarting the NextDNS client, which you can imagine gets old fast.


USG nextdns: Endpoint failed: https://dns.nextdns.io#{--ips-here--}: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded

I have confirmed the following:

  • Outbound Internet connection is solid.
  • The version of client has been the same for longer than I have been experiencing the issue.
  • Hardware is solid and not encountering any resource issues.

Could I get some assistance?

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  • can you show some timestamped logs of when this is happening?

    • NextDNS Anything else needed?

  • Sure, unfortunately it seems I can only get today's logs.


  • I'm experiencing the same issue on a Ubiquiti USG-3P. It's working fine for moths but I have now outages for a period of time until it restores itself.

    USG: v4.4.56

    NextDNS CLI : 1.37.3

    Nov 23 18:22:12 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns.nextdns.io#, roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:47:41 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns.nextdns.io#, roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:47:46 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns1.nextdns.io#,2a07:a8c0::: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:47:52 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns2.nextdns.io#,2a07:a8c1::: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:48:12 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns.nextdns.io#, roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:48:18 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns1.nextdns.io#,2a07:a8c0::: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:48:23 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns2.nextdns.io#,2a07:a8c1::: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:48:46 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns.nextdns.io#, roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
    Nov 23 18:48:51 BEUS-00-MK-GW nextdns[3881]: Endpoint failed: https://dns1.nextdns.io#,2a07:a8c0::: roundtrip: context deadline exceeded
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  • Apparently it has something to do with the change from go 1.16.5 to go 1.17 from versions > v1.35. Downgrading to v1.35 or upgrading to pr-618/SNAPSHOT-9483d8b resolves the issues for me.


    Downgrading instructions also found on this GitHub issue

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    • Thanks Daan Beusink will give this a go, I'll watch the PR activity and see when I can upgrade to the latest.

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