Correct IPv6 address for NextDNS servers?

my.nextdns.io says my IPv6 resolvers are:


2a07:a8c0::<my config ID>

2a07:a8c1::<my config ID>


But the nextdns.io Setup Guide section for pfSense says the IPv6 resolvers are:



If I'm updating PFSense DNS servers in System > General Setup, which IPv6 addresses do I specify?

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    • losnad
    • 1 yr ago
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    When you are lacking in knowledge department the logical thing to do is to follow the instructions. And the instructions are very clear for this:


    1. Go to ServicesDNS Resolver and on the tab General Settings scroll down to the Custom Options box.

    2. Enter the following lines:

        name: "."
        forward-tls-upstream: yes
        forward-addr:.. .dns1.nextdns.io
        forward-addr:... .dns1.nextdns.io
        forward-addr:.. .dns2.nextdns.io
        forward-addr:... .dns2.nextdns.»

    So, copy-paste the whole thing, not just the IPv6.

    The personalized IPv6 or IPv4 are for other scenarios where you don't have pfsense.

    • Michael_K.1
    • 1 yr ago
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    Those instructions are also for an older version of PFSense before you could use the GUI to enter the TLS hostname.  You no longer need to use Custom Options:


    The question remains: When updating DNS servers in System > General Setup, do I use a 4-octet IPv6 address or a 7-octet IPv6 address?

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