Internet provider not working in Android from different Country (Roaming)


I travelled to France using my phone provider with Roaming activated in mobile phone line and also in the Android phone options.      

If i use NextDNS in Android setup, i cannot connect to Internet from phone provider (4G).

I change to automatic DNS, it connects again.

Is a NextDNS issue/limitation, incompatibily with network provider?


No issue with Wifi connections.

Motorola G72 - Android 13

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    • Blackstone230.1
    • 2 mths ago
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    Note: Is a DNS issue from phone carrier, not Wifi (crossed out 4G icon)

      • Martheen
      • 2 mths ago
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       When you use other Private DNS explicitly (ie, in Private DNS enter the DoT address of Google, Cloudflare etc), does it work? Automatic only try to send DoT request to the ISP/router assigned IP and if fail, fallback to Do53. It's possible that the ISP or roaming gateway blocks the DoT port entirely. In such case, try using DoH, either through NextDNS own app or third party app like Intra, Nebulo etc.

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