Anycast & Unicast Routing issue from Dreamhost iad2

Noticed a strange issue with anycast and ultralow ipv4 routing today, from a server in the Dreamhost Dreamcompute cloud in the IAD datacenter. It seems like anycast and ultralow are routing to ATL (primary) but PAR as secondary. ATL isn't bad, really, but PAR seems to be an odd choice. This is the first time I've seen ultralow/unicast-steering behave that way so wanted to bring it up here. Have a diag! https://nextdns.io/diag/92cea550-72b7-11eb-a76b-071ed9cd80df

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  • Here is a better diag run directly from the server, so that ipv6 works... ipv4 now using jnb as the secondary, and ipv6 doesn't look hot either. https://nextdns.io/diag/91e7a670-7314-11eb-b73e-21b1240fa29e

  • Can you please disable nextdns and visite https://test.nextdns.io and provide the result?

    • Olivier Poitrey 

      "status": "unconfigured",
      "client": "",
      "resolver": "",
      "server": "zepto-iad-1"
    • Olivier Poitrey This may not be an issue that is with NextDNS specifically...as I did some other work on this set of servers I’ve realized that there is a lot of other traffic that for some reason routes to UK or EU POPs, even ones that do not depend on DNS for steering. It seems like the ISP may have some odd routes or peering in general. It seems like the NextDNS CLI chooses servers in ATL or BOS reliably so the performance hit isn’t bad and I can just use the CLI instead of Stubby. All of that to say- don’t make this any sort of priority issue as it seems like it may be outside of NextDNS’ control and just a symptom of a larger problem.

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