Windows App invariably breaks; reported issues not fixed after over a year.

The NextDNS Windows app invariably breaks after some period of time with a failure in name resolution, issues with Windows detecting that is online, or other misc DNS errors. This happens over and over again on my devices and at least four other devices of family members that I manage. This is separate from AV false positives / Windows Defender.

You can see these issues reported on the github starting over a year ago:

There are also countless posts on here and on the subreddit about these and similar issues that have gone without any official response.

The only way I've found to fix these issues is to uninstall and reinstall the NextDNS app...until it invariably breaks again 3 or 4 weeks later. It's infuriating.

What's going on with the Windows app? Is it still being actively developed? Why have these issues gone unaddressed for so long?

Please give your customers a heads up. Thanks.

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    You likely will need to whitelist the following Microsoft DNS connection test servers

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      Greg B. Thanks for the follow up. I'll try those registry and allowlist updates.

      There are still other outstanding issues, however, like name resolution failures, that invariably pop up within 3-4 weeks and are fixed only by an uninstall/reinstall. The GitHub (and the Windows app in general) have not been notably updated in over a year despite these issues.

      Even for the "fixed" no internet access issue -- requiring customers to hunt through the support forums for a regedit command to fix a common issue isn't reasonable. The app needs updates.

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    Just a passing thought, when was the last time you checked and installed any windows updates?

    The some of the issues being raised surrounding windows systems can be resolved by installing the updates from Microsoft via the system update. Microsoft have acknowledge various network issues surround windows 7 and 10, some are superficial regarding the network icon.

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