IPV6 False OpenWRT

When running the diag tool, I receive an error that "has ipv6 is false".  There are aaaa records in the NextDNS logs, and the cli shows the ipv6 addresses used and the NextDNS page says my connection supports ipv6 on the dashboard. Why is the diag tool not working with ipv6? I've had a lot of issues with devices not working properly that last few days, which prompted the use of the tool.

I also wanted to add that when I try dns.nextdns.io I get server 400 error. dns.nextdns.io/ping is

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  • Still getting ipv6 "false" when running the network tool. I used the CLI to setup OpenWRT. Do I need to manually add the ipv6 addresses to get it to work with ipv6 or is there another issue since I cannot resolve dns.nextdns.io?


    • josephasmith1 what do you get when visiting https://test-ipv6.com/

    • NextDNS  10 out of 10

    • josephasmith1 from the same host you ran the diag?

  • Yes exactly the same. 

  • Still trying to figure this out. Not sure why the ipv6 servers are not being used. Is there another test to run to diagnose the issue?

  • @nextdns Noticing lots of query "context deadline exceeded" and still no connection to ipv6 Nextdns servers. 

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