Password issue. Hacked account?


My password is not working anymore. I tried to request a password reset both yesterday and today, but I'm not receiving any link reset email (yes I've checked my junk folder).

Could you please help?


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    • auslander
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    Hi 33tigers, are you sure you are checking the right E-Mail box? Have you checked other E-Mail boxes if you have?

    If you can't log in to your account, I would recommend you to immediately stop using your non-accessible account, because someone could control your DNS queries, and it's risky.

    Create a new account and make sure you use a good password (try a password manager like Bitwarden) and enable 2FA, for that try Tofu for iOS or Aegis for Android or the built-in in your password manager if you use one.

    I hope I helped someway, let me know!

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