Not correct routed

Hi, i live in Italy. I have this with my iphone: 

"status": "unconfigured",
"resolver": "",
"srcIP": "hidden by me",
"server": "anexia-fra-1"

"status": "ok",
"protocol": "DOH",
"profile": "f**f*******c**c",
"client": "hidden",
"srcIP": "hidden",
"destIP": "",
"anycast": false,
"server": "zepto-zrh-1",
"clientName": "apple-profile"

Why it's not longer used an italian server? It's possible to fix this?
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  • About previous post: it's with Adguard ON, only Safari Protection module enabled, obviously DNS and other stuff are disabled.

    This is with Adguard OFF, so WEIRD:

    "status": "unconfigured",
    "resolver": "",
    "srcIP": "hidden by me",
    "server": "anexia-fra-1"
    "status": "ok",
    "protocol": "DOH",
    "profile": "f**f*******c**c",
    "client": "hidden",
    "srcIP": "hidden",
    "destIP": "",
    "anycast": false,
    "server": "xtom-osa-1",
    "clientName": "apple-profile"

    Why Japan if i am in Italy and why these differences with AG on and off
    if the dns module in adguard is completely disabled?

    Btw the route is completely incorrected in both cases.

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  • @NextDNS I see still Japan, sometimes Switzerland. Why no more Italy?

  • You are routed to frankfurt not japan. The output of the diag is confused, the https://test.nextdns.io is the source of truth.

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    • NextDNS Hi, so it's all good for you? Thanks

    • NextDNS Is it normal that on ipleaks i can see that dns used are still in Japan? Why no more routed in Italy?

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      • R_P_M
      • 3 mths ago
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      Gimmi Rossi What do you get using dnsleaktest.com standard test? Maybe that other test site is giving you wrong results?

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    • R P M Sometimes i have Zurich in Switzerland, sometimes Japan. Like on ipleaks.

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