VPN (any vendor) use result in disregard of NextDNS for DNS


is there any way to still use NextDNS when using VPN on MACOSX, IOS ?

I notice that it is forced to their own DNS.

ANY way to override this (notice when using the vendor app there is no way to change any ovpn files and add dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x)

Besides I think this entry would only accept an IP so one would loose what makes nextdns useful, the filters.

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  • Olivier Poitrey une petite réponse sur le vpn? On android, the problem doesn't appear (use Android 11) but on IOS (14.4) and macOS 10.15, neither the app nor the profile (apple.nextdns.io) seem to be able to force NextDNS server even after the VPN connection is established which is bizarre. So even disabling NextDNS and re-enabling it doesn't force a DNS change. What am I missing in the settings of the apple ecosystem? I don't want to leave NextDNS and use the AdGuard client!!!

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