DNS routing anomalies obstacle

Regarding DNS detection, I am located in Taiwan, but it detects that besides serverfield-tpe is the fastest, another anexia-tpe has high delay packets.

After parsing the anexia-tpe route, the last section is in Taiwan, why does it run to Hong Kong in the middle, which is not a normal route.

Can you optimize it?


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  • You'll likely need to run/post network diagnostics


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  • Your ISP is probably getting its transit at HKG. We will see if a PNI can be added between our anexia-tpe PoP and your ISP (no guarantees).

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  • There is no way for the moment to peer with your ISP at this PoP as there are not present in the same IXs (we are on TPIX and they are on TWIX).

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      • Sakamoto
      • sakamoto
      • 9 days ago
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      Understand, it looks like there is no way.

      However, let me ask, is there a way to use serverfield-tpe first? Because every time I resolve DNS, I will go to anexia-tpe. Is there a way to change the order?

    • Sakamoto not easily

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