Steam and Samsung services won't work

Guys... It's strange. I have nothing significant in "blocked" queries but Steam won't connect to the friend list, nor will Samsung connect to support or Samsung update services.

I double checked by switching Nextdns.io off - it worked. I also used NordVPN - it worked. Going back to Nextdns.io breaks the connections - timeouts.

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  • Please check the logs tab for related blocked domains and either add them the allowlist or disable the impacting blocklist.

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  • But I see nothing significant there. Nothing that is blocked.

    Trying to enter www.steampowered.com results in a timeout.

    BUT - the same happens when I set  up as my DNS. Maybe there is a clue?

  • If I use - everything is fine. No timeouts on steampowered.com

    If I use my Internet Provider DNS services - all OK

    If I use nextdns.io or Google DNS servers - I get a timeout on steampowered.com

    Also, some of the Samsung servers won't work.
    Maybe it's related to geolocation and CDNs?

  • Adding the following lines to /etc/hosts is a workaround:

  • Hereby I forgive you for not helping me. I solved the problem myself.

    For anyone in the future, that needs help - it was because of the "daylight crap saving" feature. There was an hour difference between the time of the router and the real one. Changing that helped to fix the issue.

    No, don't ask me how it is connected because I don't know. :-))

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