Windows client connected, but shows a status of disconnected

I recently noticed that my Windows (11, 21H2, 22000.593) client shows a state of "Disconnected". If I try to select "Enable", it never changes.

However, if I run a nslookup it shows I am using nextdns servers still. This is true both when connected to a VPN and not connected to a VPN.

After connecting to a VPN, I must hit the "Enable" button again in order for it to switch from my VPN providers DNS to NextDNS servers. But it still shows in a state of "Disconnected".


I can also check the logs from my.nextdns.io and see that traffic from the Windows PC is indeed hitting nextdns servers.

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  • Also to note, the suggestions/solutions provided in this post do not change this behavior:


    Via NextDNS logs, neither ncsi links were being blocked:

    I also added them to the whitelist anyways.

    Also attempted enable the Global DNS.

  • windows program haves a bug what nextdns team refuses or ignoring to fix, its already a year ago reported on their github

  • That's not good news that they don't seem to be working on the client/fixing bugs. NextDNS is a great product from the web end but they need to do some serious work on the client. The biggest issue for us is that normal users can mess with the settings and even quit the client.

  • Restarting the computer gets the "Enable/Disable" working again plus status shows connected. Just found the beta.

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