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When using parental controls and blocking by an "APP" I have selected facebook as being blocked, and any request that come for www.facebook.com is blocked however anything coming to

www.web.facebook.com is not blocked.

Also it looks like when blocking facebook via the app it does not block the CDN (Content Delivery network) URLS for facebook (*.fbcdn.net). SO when you use the IOS app that does not ping off "facebook.com" it allows the content to be loaded.

Also Since META owns both Facebook and Instagram, when I block instagram the instagram feed has numerous sources that are from facebook.com as well as the fbcdn.net and cdninstagram.com URLs so thoose are allowed to pass. IT does get better when you block "social Networks" however the web.facebook.com URL does get allowed thru.

Sure I can add them to the deny list, but I use the Recreation Time feature to grant access to thoose sites and there is no way to add Recreation time to a deny item.  So you can only add Recreation time to the apps and the categories but since they are broken access is still being given.


Please help remediate or provide a workaround thanks.

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    • Dino.1
    • 2 mths ago
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    Same here, Facebook isn't blocked fully or at all via Parental Controls. It leaves many domains unblocked. Also, recreation time doesn't seem to work. If I enable it, even though we are out of the 'recreation times', blocked things seem to be unblocked.

    • M_Prindle
    • 2 wk ago
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    This is still an issue. Blocking via parental controls appears to have no affect. Blocking via deny list takes affect almost immediately.

    Can please get a fix for this?

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